Friday, June 22, 2007

Vince Young Is What's Right With The NFL

I'll admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of Vince Young. I can't say exactly why that was because as a college football fan I certainly respected all that he was able to accomplish at UT. However, for some reason I never really liked him, though I didn't exactly hate him either. Recently, though I've begun to like him more and more.

It started during this past season when he seemed to emerge as a leader on the Tennessee Titans. He felt slighted when the Texans passed on him, and he turned what appeared to be a chip on his shoulder into a point of motivation. And what appeared to be some showboating at the end of his overtime winning TD run against the Texans was really just Vince showing his fans some love in a stadium that he grew up six miles from.

The most recent thing that Young has done to make me more of a fan of his is to speak out about Pacman Jones and his brushes with the law. If he wants to be the leader of an NFL team he needs to be vocal, and do his best to keep his team on the right track. On Thursday, Young took another step towards being that leader.

Young was asked during a minicamp session Thursday if he was concerned about Jones, who’s been told to turn himself in to Las Vegas authorities to face two felony charges.

“We love him a whole lot, but we feel like he don’t care about us right now,” Young said.

“He’s got to stay out of trouble and watch his back out there,” Young said.

No Vince, he doesn't care about you guys right now. His actions forced your team to find other options at the cornerback position, where they ultimately had to sign two guys to fill his spot.

For once it's nice to see an NFL player voice an opinion over what's right and wrong, unlike Clinton Portis' comments regarding Michael Vick's alleged involvement in dog fighting a few weeks ago. If Young keeps it up he'll have a fan in me after all.


Anonymous said...

I bet Vince is really excited that one day you might be a fan!

TheNaturalMevs said...

Love Vince man. He's really good shit.

Anonymous said...



the butler said...

I think those anons might actually be Mario Williams.

Vince will own the Madden Curse this year.

BDoc said...

I'm sure that he is!

And butler, you're probably right. Either Mario, or Pacman posting from the local library shortly after he bonded out.