Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tony Romo Would Like To Reward Your Failure

Somehow I missed that Tony Romo was a judge for last week's Miss Universe pageant. This guy has risen from relative obscurity(outside of Texas at least) to somewhat of a superstar. Though, becoming the starting QB of "America's Team" does have its perks.

Anyway, Romo commented on Miss USA's fall during the pageant, and how he knows what it feels like to fail in such a public event.

"I can definitely understand when someone on a national stage doesn't do exactly what they wanted," he said Friday. "She performed well, she got up and did a good job."

Yeah, yeah Tony. We know, you fumbled the snap, made a mad dash for the end zone and got dragged down from behind. The part of his comments that caught me a bit offguard, though was this:
"But she composed herself really well," he said. "I gave her a little bit, probably, a better number just because of the way she composed herself when she got up."

Whoa, so you rewarded her for her slip up? It's one thing to pity her, but to give her a higher score because of the stumble? That sounds a little, I don't know, wrong. Sort of like if you, Tony, would have been given a second shot at holding for that field goal because the officials felt sorry for you. Oh well, they didn't, and now you get to relive this moment for the rest of your life. Enjoy!

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