Thursday, June 14, 2007

UCF Unveils New "This Is Sparta" Logo

Ok, so the movie "300" wasn't based around knights, but UCF unveiled a new logo earlier this summer(buy your new merch today broke college students!) that had a "300"-esque change about it.

First, UCF dropped the word "Golden" from their "Golden Knights" moniker. That's pretty appropriate given that everyone I ever talked to about UCF athletics(yes, all 3 of them) had no idea where the "Golden" part came from. Sure, the armor that "Knightro"(official name for the mascot) wears is gold colored, but it always sounded a little femme. Taking a mascot like a knight, and adding a color like pink or purple or rainbow in front of it instantly reduces its intimidation factor. It's nice to see that UCF decided to "butch it up" a little bit.

Second, they replaced that stupid jousting pole with a sword. Yes, this is the "300" part that I was referring to earlier. Seriously, a jousting pole? In any knight related movie I've ever seen the knights joust until one of them gets knocked off the horse. Then they continue to do battle with real weapons like maces or swords. The jousting pole is like the pocket protector of the knight world. It's useful, but you really don't ever want to use it. Besides, I don't ever recall seeing "Knightro" with a jousting pole on the field trying to hype up the crowd. He always carried a sword, and it's about time he used it in the logo as well. Though, I don't know how intimidating a knight wearing a golden suit of armor can be, even with a sword. On second thought, maybe they should have gone with a sword and a mace.

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