Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mark Philippoussis Is Holding Serve In The Court Of Love

Mark Philippoussis, a tennis star who was at one time ranked in the top 10 in the world, has ventured into the world of reality TV dating. Philippoussis has been cast as "America's most eligible bachelor" on NBC's summer program, "Age of Love".

The show is setup so that there are two "teams" of women grouped together by their age. One team is made up of "cougars", women in their 40's. The other is made up of "kittens", women in their 20's. Each woman will be vying for Philippoussis'(who's 30 years old) affection, and the audience will supposedly get to see whether age makes a difference when trying to find true love(yeah, that TV crew will have no affect whatsoever, right).

Apparently, Philippoussis was unaware of the age differences, and supposedly was caught a bit offguard by the rising age levels when he was first introduced to the "cougars". I guess we'll just have to wait until the first episode to see that compelling TV moment.

Obviously, this follows in the footsteps of ABC's decision to use NFL quarterback Jesse Palmer as its "prize" on "The Bachelor". Having a well-known athlete seemed to help that show's ratings(11 million viewers for the premiere), though Philippoussis might not be quite as famous as Jesse Palmer is, at least here in the U.S.(that's a great insight into the state of tennis in the U.S.)

Oh well, keeping him in the back of a limo, wearing a wifebeater, and letting the "contestants" grope him is probably all NBC needs to do to have a successful reality TV show. Either that, or let him show the women why his nickname is "Scud". It's unfortunate that Paris Hilton is locked up, or they could bring her in at the end for a twist.

Welcome back Mr. Philippoussis(typing it is a bitch, saying it is fun!), even if it's not on the tennis court. And try not to hurt that surgically repaired knee when you're teaching the women about grips, groundstrokes and jamming.

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