Thursday, June 14, 2007

Famous Athletes That Excelled In Sports Other Than What They Play Professionally

Some of you may have seen the new LeBron James commercial that features footage of him playing football in high school. That's right, LeBron was pretty heavily recruited to play football before he decided to commit 100% to b-ball. He's not the only professional athlete that excelled in a sport other than what he turned pro in.

I had hoped to track down footage of numerous examples of this, but it seems that the video results for those searches were rather limited. I am surprised that I couldn't track down examples of players like Terrell Owens or Antonio Gates playing basketball. Or numerous NFL players winning track races. However, I did find three videos that showcase the talents of some athletes in sports other than the ones they're being paid to play today.

LeBron James, Football

Allen Iverson, Football

Ronald Curry & Julius Peppers, Basketball

If you have any other video examples please post them up in the comments for everyone to take a look at.

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