Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Chicago Cubs Still Want You To Have Your Michael Barrett Memorabilia

When the Chicago Cubs traded Michael Barrett this past week they left themselves with an interesting dilemma. What to do with a couple thousand Michael Barrett bobbleheads and jerseys that were to be given away before the game on July 1.

Well, have no fear Barrett fans, the Cubs still plan to give the memorabilia away, though there's no word on whether a punching Zambrano bobblehead will accompany them.

"Fans hoping to collect a Barrett bobblehead on July 1, or a Barrett home jersey on Tuesday will be able to do so. The Cubs are not changing the promotions."

Sweet, so you can get a jersey and not have to worry about how long the player is going to stay with the team because he's already gone! It's almost like the Cubs have planned ahead for you. And you thought they only made decisions that ruined the future.

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