Saturday, June 02, 2007

It's Only Fitting That LeBron Advance To The NBA Finals After Beating The Pistons

LeBron James, heir to the entire NBA, has a chance to pull off an amazing feat tonight. With a Cavs win they will advance to the franchise's first appearance ever in the NBA Finals. It's only fitting that LeBron should pull it off against the Pistons.

Think back, 16 years ago, when another young player was being embraced as an NBA superstar. The Detroit Pistons also stood in his way, and he was able to lead his team past them for his first appearance in the NBA Finals. Of course I'm speaking of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

Jordan took over many of those games against Detroit, so much so that the Pistons instituted a "Jordan Rules" defense. After what LeBron did to Detroit in Game 5, I wouldn't be surprised to see something similar tonight. Jordan eventually made the Pistons pay for their focus on him by passing off to teammates, and I'm sure that LeBron will also do whatever is necessary for his team to win.

After falling down 0-2, and hearing a lot of talk about how playoff tested Detroit was going to be unbeatable, LeBron has his team poised for the biggest win in their history. It also could prove to be the point in time that fans everywhere can look back at and see where LeBron rightfully became "King James".

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