Saturday, June 02, 2007

Chad Johnson Versus A Horse? Break A Leg Ocho Cinco!

Chad Johnson, NFL touchdown celebration innovator, is getting ready to add another sport to his resume.


Except this time he will actually be running against the horse. On foot.

Next weekend, June 9 at River Downs in Cincinnati, Ocho Cinco will be running a foot(hoof?)race against a 4-yr old colt named Restore The Road for charity. Due to the two leg advantage, Johnson will be running 1/16 of a mile and the horse will run 1/8 of a mile. Johnson hasn't said if he has any type of celebration planned, though I'm betting on him either knocking the horse out or finally pulling out the reindeer suit.

The jockey, Patricia "PJ" Cooksey, that will be riding Restore the Road actually beat Cris Collinsworth on a horse named Mr. Hurry in a man vs. horse race a little over twenty years ago. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any video of that classic match-up.

Part of the proceeds will be going to coach Marvin Lewis' foundation which I'm guessing probably doesn't support the Cincinnati Police.

I really wish they would have found a horse named "Hugh", and that somehow CJ would look like this after the race. Hugh!

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