Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Anthony Smith's Mouth Has To Be Overdrawn

What's the old saying? "Don't let your mouth write checks that your ass can't cash"? If that's the case, then Anthony Smith's mouth has to be deep in the red.

You might not have known who Anthony Smith was before last week, but after his guarantee of a Pittsburgh victory over the Patriots everyone knew who he was. Yes, he guaranteed a victory, and yes the Steelers got blasted by New England. Ultimately losing by three touchdowns.

For the most part, I don't really have a problem with guarantees. I do think they're rather irresponsible because it gives your opponent something to tack up on their locker room billboard. However, the one thing that I do hate about guarantees is that it's oftentimes done by players that probably aren't going to affect the outcome of the game too much. Think about it, Anthony Smith is a backup safety. He's not the starting quarterback, running back or a defensive leader. His guarantee just puts more pressure on his teammates to play a perfect game. And for God's sake man, if you're going to guarantee something don't get burnt to a crisp on two pass plays.

For those of you that were hoping that Smith's televised embarrassment would quiet him a bit(i.e.-Steelers' fans), I have some bad news. Smith has "guaranteed" that the Steelers will face the Pats again this season.

Still, Smith wasn't reluctant afterward to discuss his much-publicized remarks, which led some of the remaining fans in Gillette Stadium to chant "guar-an-tee, guar-an-tee" as the game wound down.

Smith's take: the Steelers didn't play well, but there's always next month.

"We will see them again," Smith said.

I'm all for a player having the utmost confidence in his abilities and his team. You have to have that if you want to succeed in just about anything. However, after getting torched so bad just a day before the last thing Anthony Smith should be doing is discussing possible playoff matchups. He should be preparing to face Reggie Williams, Fred Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Because I can guarantee you that the Jags will play the Steelers as tough as anyone as they try to secure a wildcard spot. And the Steelers can't afford a lose with the Browns just one game behind them in the AFC North.

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