Monday, December 24, 2007

Bowl-O-Rama: The GMAC Bowl

I wonder if Mario Van Peebles was in anyway related to Ladd Peebles. If so, this game just got a bit cooler.

Teams: Tulsa & Bowling Green
Location: Ladd Peebles Stadium, Mobile, AL
Miles Traveled By Each Team: Tulsa(792), Bowling Green(901)
Related Cereal: Urkel-O’s(Only a true football geek would be interested in this game).

Breakdown: Tulsa heads into this game with the #41 ranked rushing offense(167yds/gm, 25TD's), and the #3 ranked passing offense(374yds/gm, 43TD's). Overall, their offense is ranked #1 in the nation. On defense, the Golden Hurricane’s defense is ranked #97 against the run(195yds/gm, 28TD's), and #108 against the pass(273yds/gm, 28TD's). Their total defense is ranked #111, and surrenders an average of 469yds/gm and has allowed 59 total touchdowns.

Their opponent, Bowling Green, comes into the game with the #87 ranked rush attack(130yds/gm, 16TD's), and the #18 ranked passing offense(286yds/gm, 29TD's). Their total offense is ranked #43. The Falcons’ defense is ranked #106 against the rush(205yds/gm, 22TD's), and #29 against the pass(207yds/gm, 21TD's). Their total defense is ranked #79, and allows an average of 413yds/gm and has given up 36 total touchdowns.

Signature Wins: Tulsa-Houston? Bowling Green-Akron?

Common Opponents: None.

Prediction: Bowling Green enters the game with both a decent pass offense and decent pass defense. However, I don’t think that they’re going to be able to contain Tulsa’s #1 ranked offense for four quarters. Tulsa’s defense isn’t that great, but Bowling Green won’t be able to keep up with Paul Smith and Tarrion Adams. Tulsa wins this game, 42-31.

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