Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's Vick's Gift That Just Keeps On Giving

So, you thought that the sportsfan in your life had already received everything they could possibly want. Well, put down that Belicheater cutoff sweatshirt, and save that officially licensed, NBA player approved personal alarm(because all we need help during home invasions) for Easter and head to the snowglobe portion of PETA's website. Once there, you'll be able to select from six nefarious characters. Well, it's really seven, but the Olsen Twins are just two halves of the same person. Anyway, since we're discussing sports here the one you want is "Dogfighter Michael Vick".

Shake up the globe, and watch(and listen) as Vick punts footballs onto his own head and prison dogs bark at him. There's no soap scene, so I'm not exactly sure how realistic it is, but you get the point. Send them to your dogloving friends, or to the Falcons fan that you love to piss off. Just make sure to spread the Christmas spirit around at someone else's misfortune. You'll take some pleasure in it when you're stuck in line listening to babies cry while you're buying a gift on Christmas Eve for someone you don't really even know, and definitely don't like. I can't wait for the President's Day version. Hopefully it has Abraham Lincoln chinbutting Vick while lecturing him about animal cruelty.

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