Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's Like High School Basketball In The 50's

We all know that sporting events can get rather heated. Players talking trash, fans elbowing boobs and parents rushing the court are just part of the excitement. But waving a Confederate flag? Come on, who invited David Duke?

Moments after the 48-47 Port St. Lucie victory, students and fans followed the visiting team out of the gymnasium to their bus, the report said.

Students yelled at the bus and blocked its path. Some students were waving a Confederate flag at the bus, Florida Today reported.

This unfortunate incident has caused increased police presence at Satellite Beach High School basketball games, and the principal considered the Confederate flag waving "inciting" and stated that it was handled "very severely". Hopefully there won't be any retaliation when the teams face each other again in January, and everyone keeps their "Battle Flags" at home.

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