Friday, December 14, 2007

He's Putting The "Fan" In "Fanatic"

There are a number of different types of fans out there. Some are just casual fans. Others are fair-weather fans. Some would consider themselves diehards. And then there are those fans that the others can't even explain. Mark Griffiths could very well fall into that last category.

Griffiths is a Red Sox fan, and he obviously can't wait for Boston to head south in a few months for spring training. He's so excited that he got in line on Thursday at noon for tickets. That go on sale on Saturday.

Mark Griffiths of Naples read that the first person in line for last year's Boston Red Sox spring training tickets started camping out at 5 p.m. on the Thursday before tickets went on sale Saturday.

"I figured if I got here at noon (Thursday), I'd have them," said Griffiths, 39, the first to set up camp in front of City of Palms Park.

Griffiths sat in a lawn chair, set up a small table and stockpiled various snacks and plenty of smokes.

He also has an inflatable mattress and a lawn chair for his girlfriend, Maria Zavala of Naples.

"She'll bring me some good food," Griffiths said.

He's probably lucky that she's not bringing him his stuff after kicking him out. Though, in this crazy mixed up world she's probably sleeping with a Yankees fan while he's waiting in line.

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