Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yes, You Heard Correctly, Petrino To Arkansas

It was announced last night that Bobby Petrino, now the former Atlanta Falcons' head coach after just 13 games, is leaving to take the vacant head coaching spot at Arkansas. Some are probably happy, and some are probably mad. Pat Forde says that he's worse than Nick Satan, and cautions Arkansas fans against getting too excited about anything long-term.

Back in August, I touched on the fact that the Falcons team he was preparing to coach was much different than the one that was there when he signed on. Jokingly, I wondered aloud if he would try to get his old job at Louisville back before the season even started. Looks like I was a little wrong on the timeframe, and in the wrong conference, but other than that I wasn't too far off.

Petrino has a history of making these types of moves, as Forde covers in his column, so it's not too surprising to see this. A little suspect? Yes. But certainly not surprising. Though, with the ongoing Vick debacle looming over the team, I'm sure that some feel that Petrino should get a "free pass" of sorts. Personally, since I'm not a Falcons or Razorbacks fan I can't say that I care too much one way or the other. The SEC gets another solid college coach which makes the conference stronger(for at least a few games), but outside of that Petrino's move out of Atlanta doesn't really bother me. All the parties involved knew what his tendencies were before he was hired, and no matter what he said there always had to be a belief, no matter how small, that he could bolt at any time.

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