Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bowl-O-Rama: The Poinsettia Bowl

The end of the college football season is almost here, but before it's all over we get one final bombardment of tackles, touchdowns and thrills. We're almost on the last frame, so follow us as we buff our balls, and help you close it out with some strikes of knowledge.

First up, the Poinsettia Bowl!

Teams: Utah & Navy
Location: Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA
Miles Traveled By Each Team: Utah(751), Navy(2,710)
Related Cereal: Kashi Vive(It has be healthy since it's in San Diego, and Vive goes right through you like the Navy rushing attack)

Breakdown: Utah's rushing offense is ranked #47(163yds/gm), and their pass offense is ranked #85(199yds/gm). Overall, they're ranked #81. The Utes bring in the #35 rush defense(130yds/gm, 12TD's) and the #15 pass defense(189yds/gm, 7TD's). Utah's total defense is ranked #15, gives up an average of 319yds/gm, and has allowed only 20 total TD's.

Navy comes in with the #1 ranked rushing offense that averages 351 rush yards/game. They achieve very little offensive balance by complimenting that with a passing offense that's ranked deadass last at #119, and averages 93 pass yards/game. Their total offense is ranked #24 in the nation. On defense, the Midshipmen are ranked #80 against the run(172yds/gm, 24TD's), and #106 against the pass(265yds/gm, 31TD's). Overall, Navy's defense is ranked #99, and surrenders an average of 438yds/gm, and has given up a total of 56TD's.

Signature Wins: Utah-UCLA?(the only ranked opponent that they beat)
Navy-Pitt?(they did beat WVU after all).

Common Opponents: Air Force. Utah lost against the Falcons, 12-20. Navy beat them 31-20.

Prediction: Utah's defensive strength is slanted heavily towards the pass. Against Navy that won't matter too much since they run the ball about 99.9% of the time. Utah's offense is much more balanced, but I think that Navy's rushing attack will allow them to control the clock and keep the Utes defense on the field for extended periods of time. Third down could end up playing a huge factor because Navy has converted 52.5% of their attempts this season. Utah might get a few stops, but I still don't think it will be enough. They'll hang around for a few quarters, but the Navy rushing attack will eventually wear them down and lead the Midshipmen to victory. Navy over Utah, 31-17.

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