Monday, December 24, 2007

Bowl-O-Rama: The Outback Bowl

This bowl game has to be better because it's from the future.

Teams: Tennessee & Wisconsin
Location: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL
Miles Traveled By Each Team: Tennessee(670), Wisconsin(1,322)
Related Cereal: Dunkin Doughnuts(Unfortunately, there is no steak related cereal. With Phil Fulmer in the mix anything doughnut related is a good second choice).

Breakdown: Tennessee heads into this game with the #70 ranked rushing offense(144yds/gm, 18TD's), and the #40 ranked passing offense(254yds/gm, 31TD's). Overall, their offense is ranked #55 in the nation. On defense, the Vols’ defense is ranked #68 against the run(162yds/gm, 14TD's), and #84 against the pass(245yds/gm, 24TD's). Their total defense is ranked #74, and surrenders an average of 407yds/gm and has allowed 74 total touchdowns.

Their opponent, Wisconsin, comes into the game with the #19 ranked rush attack(201yds/gm, 28TD's), and the #68 ranked passing offense(212yds/gm, 16TD's). Their total offense is ranked #44. The Badgers’ defense is ranked #49 against the rush(139yds/gm, 15TD's), and #35 against the pass(210yds/gm, 19TD's). Their total defense is ranked #36, and allows an average of 350yds/gm and has given up 34 total touchdowns.

Signature Wins: Tennessee-Georgia. Wisconsin-Michigan.

Common Opponents: None.

Prediction: Wisconsin is a statistically better team on both sides of the ball. Tennessee has played well at some points, but they’re inconsistent game to game. Having three starters, including defenders McCoy and Bolden, ruled ineligible isn’t going to help matters either. Look for P.J. Hill to be the difference maker as the Badgers get the win, 31-20.

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