Monday, December 24, 2007

Bowl-O-Rama: The Cotton Bowl

This game should be more exciting than trying to figure out who shot J.R. ever was.

Teams: Missouri & Arkansas
Location: Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX
Miles Traveled By Each Team: Missouri(600), Arkansas(332)
Related Cereal: Superman Stars(Darren McFadden has become the Superman of college running backs).

Breakdown: Missouri heads into this game with the #46 ranked rushing offense(164yds/gm, 25TD's), and the #7 ranked passing offense(327yds/gm, 34TD's). Overall, their offense is ranked #5 in the nation. On defense, the Tigers’ defense is ranked #26 against the run(118yds/gm, 19TD's), and #100 against the pass(261yds/gm, 18TD's). Their total defense is ranked #59, and surrenders an average of 380yds/gm and has allowed 42 total touchdowns.

Their opponent, Arkansas, comes into the game with the #3 ranked rush attack(296yds/gm, 32TD's), and the #112 ranked passing offense(160yds/gm, 24TD's). Their total offense is ranked #16. The Razorbacks’ defense is ranked #54 against the rush(146yds/gm, 14TD's), and #36 against the pass(211yds/gm, 21TD's). Their total defense is ranked #45, and allows an average of 357yds/gm and has given up 37 total touchdowns.

Signature Wins: Missouri-Kansas. Arkansas-LSU.

Common Opponents: Mississippi. Missouri beat them 38-25. Arkansas won their match-up 44-8.

Prediction: Missouri put together a great season outside of their two losses to Oklahoma. In those games, Sooners quarterback Sam Bradford lead his team to victory. I don’t think that Casey Dick will be quite as effective, but he doesn’t have to be with a backfield tandem of McFadden and Jones. This game feature two Heisman finalists. McFadden bested Daniel in that competition, and he’ll do it again in this bowl game. The Razorbacks win, 38-35.

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