Monday, December 24, 2007

Bowl-O-Rama: The Gator Bowl

A Cavalier versus Raider Red. This is the college football equivalent of bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Teams: Texas Tech & Virginia
Location: Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, Jacksonville, FL
Miles Traveled By Each Team: Texas Tech(1,389), Virginia(669)
Related Cereal: Sugar Jets(Sounds like the perfect cereal description of TT’s offense).

Breakdown: Texas heads into this game with the #119 ranked rushing offense(61yds/gm, 17TD's), and the #1 ranked passing offense(475yds/gm, 48TD's). Overall, their offense is ranked #2 in the nation. On defense, the Red Raiders’ defense is ranked #78 against the run(171yds/gm, 17TD's), and #17 against the pass(196yds/gm, 19TD's). Their total defense is ranked #50, and surrenders an average of 367yds/gm and has allowed 39 total touchdowns.

Their opponent, Virginia, comes into the game with the #93 ranked rush attack(126yds/gm, 21TD's), and the #80 ranked passing offense(203yds/gm, 12TD's). Their total offense is ranked #100. The Cavaliers’ defense is ranked #21 against the rush(113yds/gm, 8TD's), and #33 against the pass(210yds/gm, 15TD's). Their total defense is ranked #17, and allows an average of 323yds/gm and has given up 23 total touchdowns.

Signature Wins: Texas Tech-Oklahoma. Virginia-Wake Forest.

Common Opponents: None.

Prediction: Virginia put together a decent season, mostly on the strength of their defense. Their offense hasn’t been nearly as strong, and has struggled at times during the season. That’s a problem that Texas Tech has definitely not had. They might not have much balance, but when your pass attack is as potent as the Red Raiders you don’t really need it. Watch for Harrell and Crabtree to provide the spark for a Texas Tech victory, 41-24.

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