Friday, December 07, 2007

Greg Schiano Writes His Own Knight's Tale

If some people were writing the "Greg Schiano: A Knight's Tale" story it would go something like this:

*Grow up and play high school football in New Jersey

*Play college ball at Bucknell
*Return to old high school as assistant coach

*Become grad assistant at Rutgers, then move onto Penn State

*Coach in the NFL(Chicago Bears)

*Return to college as defensive coordinator for the Miami Hurricanes

*Head back to New Jersey as head coach at Rutgers

*Parlay success at Rutgers into head coaching position at storied program(i.e.-Michigan)

However, it seems that for the second time in less than a week that the University of Michigan has been told "no" by a potential coaching candidate.

Last week, it was Les Miles and his crazy pre-SEC title game press conference that was called just to tell everyone that he wasn't going to Ann Arbor. This, after numerous outlets had reported that Miles was heading back to his old stomping grounds.

Now, Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano has apparently told the Wolverines that he doesn't want their job, eventhough some reports had indicated on Wednesday that Schiano had tentatively accepted the job.

Schiano has achieved remarkable success at Rutgers by directing the Scarlet Knights to their third straight bowl game, but coaching in Piscataway, NJ comes with significantly less pressure and scrutiny than it does when it's being done within the confines of Michigan Stadium. Schiano has lead Rutgers to success that it's never known with regard to college football, and in doing so, he's pretty much set himself up for life there. It's hard to walk away when you're not just the king of the castle, but also the one who built it and bestowed tremendous prosperity over the entire kingdom.

At this point, it appears that Michigan's nasty case of transitive football herpes may be flaring up again. Hopefully the Gators wear their Durex uni's on New Year's Day.

Thanks to Woodmania for the picture.

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