Monday, December 03, 2007

College Football Debriefing

Each week, after all of the games have been played, I'll re-visit some of them and give my take(synonym for biased, slightly informed opinion). It's called the debriefing because whatever happened during your chosen team's game you probably felt like you were part of a crime scene, or maybe a terrorist attack. Whether you thought you were robbed by the referees, or got to witness some WMD's exploding in your stadium, this is where we'll re-open fresh wounds and examine the positives and negatives. But since we're all college football fanatics, probably mostly the negatives.

The College Football Season Comes Full Circle
Remember way back in week 1? When Michigan lost to Appalachian State? Everyone thought that was the craziest thing they had ever seen in college football. Then a bunch of upsets involving the top teams, which seemed to result in a revolving door of sorts for the #1 and #2 positions. And Stanford beating USC eventhough they were biggest underdogs in college football history. You thought that was it, right? Wrong! The top two teams went down in flames again on Saturday, as both Missouri and West Virginia lost. Ok, the Mizzou loss isn't too shocking considering that Oklahoma had already beat them once. But West Virginia losing to Pitt? With a chance at the national championship on the line? This season truly has been the most bizarre on record.

And The BCS Title Contenders Are...
Ohio State and LSU? It was the matchup everyone(*cough*voters*cough*) wanted a few weeks ago, and thanks to Tennessee throwing away the SEC title game, they were able to rig it up. I agree with the notion that the SEC is the toughest conference in college football, but LSU just hasn't looked all that impressive to me in recent weeks. Though, the same could have certainly be said about the Gators last year, and look what they did to the Buckeyes. Have fun Coach Sweatervest. I hope your fans travel well because it's going to be like a homegame for the Tigers.

Other Bowl Matchups
I'll do my best to cover all of the bowls as they get closer, but for now here are the matchups in the "bigger" bowls.

Rose Bowl: Southern Cal vs Illinois
Sugar Bowl: Hawaii vs Georgia
Fiesta Bowl: West Virginia vs Oklahoma
Orange Bowl: Kansas vs Virginia Tech

Besides the Buckeyes, Illinois probably benefitted the most from WVU and Mizzou stumbling. Instead of playing in the Capital One Bowl they get to head to the Rose Bowl. I'm pretty sure that's something that no one predicted before the season began.

Florida Faces Michigan
Remember last year, when Lloyd Carr seemed to be extremely critical of Florida head coach Urban Meyer's "lobbying" to get the Gators into the BCS title game? Well, he gets to coach his last game against Meyer. Here's to hoping that Meyer beats the Wolverines worse than he beat their bitter rivals last season.

Not much going on here with the limited schedule.

Chase Daniel didn't do much, and I still stand by my assertion that Kevin Smith should have received that Doak Walker invite over Mike Hart. Against Tulsa on Saturday, Smith ran for 284yds and 4TD's in helping UCF win the Conference USA title. Currently, he's in second place on the single season rushing list, and has a shot at breaking Barry Sanders' record. A-freakin'-mazing.

Consider yourself debriefed!

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