Monday, December 03, 2007

Someone At CBS Hates The Gators

Being that it's nearing the end of the college football season, everyone is putting together their "lists". You know, the ones that detail who they felt the best players were, what the best moments were, all that good stuff. Well, on Saturday, during the SEC title game, Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson(and to a lesser extent, Tracy Wolfson) went through their awards. They called them the "Lund-Sons", and everything seemed fine until they reached one screen in particular.
Ok, Lundquist and Danielson, I see what you did there. You tried to sneak it past me, but I caught you. You're top three moments of the season all involved Florida losses?

Come on guys, I know that you covered so many great moments this season that you weren't forced to pick three where the Gators lost. Arkansas beating LSU in triple OT perhaps? Or maybe LSU beating Auburn on a last second touchdown pass? Or LSU beating former LSU head coach Nick Saban and his Alabama team by scoring two touchdowns in the final three minutes? Those are just three that I came up with after checking out what games they covered(thanks to Awful Announcing for the schedule). Neither of those involve a last second field goal, but they have to be every bit as impressive as their "Best Moment" and "Best Move" selections(Demetrious Byrd calling for the ball in the Auburn game won it for them).

Oh well, guess I'll just have to live with Lunquist's and Danielson's Gator hatred. At least it's better than watching them do the "Soulja Boy" on a loop.

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