Thursday, December 06, 2007

So That's Why The Jets Torched The 'Phins

Thanks Cam Cameron. For pissing away what was probably Miami's last shot at winning a game this season. And not only did they lose the game, but they got beatdown 40-13 by a division rival, the hated J-E-T-S. Though, this one stings a little worse because silently Coach Cameron allowed tight ends assistant Mike Mularkey to call the plays. Yes, the same Mularkey that had his offensive coordinator duties stripped when Cam Cameron was hired.

In a move unpublicized by Dolphins coach Cam Cameron, tight ends assistant Mike Mularkey called the offensive plays during Sunday's 40-13 loss to the Jets, marking the first time Cameron has relinquished some of his play-calling duties this season.

Mularkey, the team's offensive coordinator last year before Cameron appointed himself to the position this year, sent the plays to the sideline from the coaches' booth in a more natural coordinator role, three sources said Wednesday.

Great. So a guy that you originally stripped all playcalling duties from was calling the plays last weekend? No wonder this team is headed for 0-16. Keep doing these types of things Coach Cameron, and you may end up being the one stripped of your duties and title. It's almost as if the team isn't even trying and failing anymore. They're just failing.

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