Friday, December 28, 2007

Giants Fans Don't Care To See Two Unstoppable Forces Colliding

Anyone who has watched even just a few NFL games has probably seen that amazing Citizen Watch commercial. You know, the one with Eli Manning and the tagline "Unstoppable". Yeah, whoever came up with that is an advertising genius!

Well, this Saturday the "Unstoppable" Eli Manning faces the really unstoppable New England Patriots and their perfect 15-0 record. History could be made, and all that stands in the way of the Pats is "Unstoppable" Eli and his Giants. The game is even being played at The Meadowlands so the Giants have homefield advantage. Or do they?

The chance to watch the Giants try to mar the Patriots perfect season isn't drawing many Big Blue fans to the stadium this Saturday.

Many New York Giants fans are hawking their tickets to the game to New England Patriots fans who want to see quarterback Tom Brady and his teammates go for a 16-0 record in their final regular-season game.

Internet auction sites that allow customers to buy and sell sports tickets have seen a surge in ticket sales for the game by Giants fans, The Star-Ledger of Newark reported Tuesday.

And these are probably the same fans that will be sitting at a bar on Saturday night screaming at the TV for Coach Coughlin to play the starters so they can beat the Pats. Yeah, way to go dickwads. Honestly, this is probably bigger than any game the Giants have played all season unless they miraculously make it to the Super Bowl, and a number of fans won't be there to cheer their team on. Hopefully Coach Coughlin gets a list of their addresses, and pays each one of them a special visit.

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