Monday, December 24, 2007

Bowl-O-Rama: The Orange Bowl

I have a feeling that if you created a team using players from both of these teams that they could beat the Dolphins in this stadium.

Teams: Kansas & Virginia Tech
Location: Dolphins Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL
Miles Traveled By Each Team: Kansas(1,489), Virgina Tech(889)
Related Cereal: Wheatena(If Kansas is involved, you have to bring the wheat).

Breakdown: Kansas heads into this game with the #27 ranked rushing offense(196yds/gm, 29TD's), and the #14 ranked passing offense(294yds/gm, 35TD's). Overall, their offense is ranked #6 in the nation. On defense, the Jayhawks’ defense is ranked #7 against the run(91yds/gm, 7TD's), and #58 against the pass(226yds/gm, 16TD's). Their total defense is ranked #14, and surrenders an average of 318yds/gm and has allowed 24 total touchdowns.

Their opponent, Virginia Tech, comes into the game with the #81 ranked rush attack(133yds/gm, 21TD's), and the #86 ranked passing offense(198yds/gm, 16TD's). Their total offense is ranked #99. The Hokies’ defense is ranked #5 against the rush(86yds/gm, 13TD's), and #27 against the pass(207yds/gm, 9TD's). Their total defense is ranked #5, and allows an average of 293yds/gm and has given up 24 total touchdowns.

Signature Wins: Kansas-Kansas State? Virginia Tech-Boston College(ACC Championship Game).

Common Opponents: None.

Prediction: Virginia Tech enters the Orange Bowl with one of the toughest defenses in the country. They’ve allowed only 9 passing touchdowns all season. Unfortunately, their offense isn’t nearly as strong, and they’ve struggled to put points on the board throughout the season. Kansas on the other hand, has had no such problem. They’re ranked in the top 10 in total offense, and their total defense is tough too, though more so against the run. I think their offensive weapons, especially Reesing, McAnderson and Sharp will just be too much for the Hokies to keep up with. Kansas wins this one, 28-20.

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