Thursday, January 24, 2008

The A-Train Is Officially Off The Tracks

First, let me set one thing straight. For the foreseeable future, Mike Alstott is the "A-Train" in the NFL world. I know some call Anthony Thomas the "A-Train", but he's more of a light version. Like an "A-Trolley" perhaps. Adrian Peterson could stake a claim to it, but he's already been annointed as "Purple Jesus". Besides, I doubt that either one of them train by pushing a Jeep through a parking lot. In any case, Alstott announced his retirement from the league after playing 12 seasons.

Alstott played the fullback position with a mix of speed, power and nimbleness that is rare even in pro-football. He could run through you, around you and then block you on consecutive plays without missing a beat. Though, watching a guy built more like a linebacker than a running back be able to change directions was always awe inspiring. He currently holds the Bucs' record for rushing and total TD's, 58 and 71 respectively. He also holds Purdue's records for career rushing yards(3,635), rushing TD's(39), total TD's, 100-yard rushing games and the single season rushing record(1,436).

Alstott's bruising and battering of defenders will be missed, though we always have highlights to remember him by. Thanks for everything you brought to the game A-Train.

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