Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Women Tennis Players, Being Asked To Fix More Than Just Pies

Who knew that professional tennis could be so seedy and full of cheaters? As if those prior incidents weren't bad enough, it seems that women tennis players have also been asked to throw matches.

Five or six players on the WTA Tour have been approached to throw tennis matches, tour chairman Larry Scott said Tuesday.

"I've said several initially, and I think five or six would be in the ballpark," Scott told The Associated Press. "I don't want to go into any more details because it's part of an investigation.

"But we were surprised by the amount of gambling on tennis in general, and the number of players approached."

Scott said that the WTA has determined that no matches have been affected by gambling. And he also has threatened any player involved with gambling on matches with a life ban.

I am surprised that tennis has seemingly been targeted very heavily by gamblers, and those looking to gain an edge when placing a wager. Though, I suppose it could be because tennis is an international sport, and it doesn't seem to be policed as closely as some sports. Though, I could be wrong in that assessment. Whatever the reason, it appears that officials are serious about keeping any form of cheating out of their sport.

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