Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bowl-O-Rama: Second Update

Hey, look, another update of the predictions that I made for you college football addicts. Don't worry, it's a disease we can all share!

Champs Sports Bowl
Prediction: Boston College wins 21-17.
Actual Result: Boston College won 24-21.

Michigan State did the run ball decently against Boston College, but their passing attack wasn't very good. Matt Ryan was able to achieve some success, and led the Golden Eagles to victory.

Level of Correctness: Not too shabby for an amateur handicapper.

Texas Bowl
Prediction: Houston beats TCU, 31-20.
Actual Result: TCU won 20-13.

TCU's defense stepped up huge, and shut down Houston's potent offense. Houston was limited to just three points in the second half.

Level of Correctness: Underestimated TCU's defense badly, and paid the price in points and winning team prediction.

Emerald Bowl
Prediction: Oregon State wins 20-10.
Actual Result: Oregon State won 21-14.

Oregon State's rushing attack was just too much for Maryland. Yvenson Bernard led the way for the Beavers on their way to racking up 275 yards rushing. Oregon State's defense held Maryland to just 224 net yards.

Level of Correctness: Got the winner right, and was surprisingly close on the points.

Meineke Bowl
Prediction: UConn beats Wake Forest, 27-21.
Actual Result: Wake Forest won 24-10.

Riley Skinner didn't play great, but the Wake Forest defense shut down UConn so he didn't really have to. Dixon and Brown were limited to 91 rushing yards total for UConn, and the Huskies only tallied 213 total net yards.

Level of Correctness: Badly off on winner and points.

Liberty Bowl
Prediction: UCF is going to run over Mississippi State, 35-21.
Actual Result: Mississippi State won 10-3.

UCF did have some success running the ball, but their pass attack was atrocious. 88 yards passing, and three interceptions make it very hard to win a game. Mississippi State's defense was able to make UCF one dimensional, and won the game despite having less total yards.

Level of Correctness: I got Croomed!

Alamo Bowl
Prediction: Nittany Lions should pull out the win here, 31-20.
Actual Result: Penn State won 24-17.

The Nittany Lions were able to slow down the Aggies' rushing attack, and forced McGee to throw the ball 31 times. Penn State on the other hand, was able to run the ball quite well.

Level of Correctness: A little high on the score, but the winner was right on.

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