Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This Is Not Your Driveway Mr. Crowder

It seems that Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder had a little trouble parking his truck early this morning. You see, instead of pulling it into his driveway or garage, he ran over a palm tree next to the Florida Turnpike and abandoned the vehicle there.

It was a Channing Crowder mystery. Florida Highway Patrol troopers found the Dolphin linebacker's mangled 2007 pickup truck on the shoulder of a northbound exit ramp from Florida's Turnpike at 5:15 a.m. Wednesday morning.

But where was Crowder? And what about the two items he left behind: a firearm and crutches.

The mystery was solved by Crowder himself. Troopers contacted the football player at his Davie home.

Yes, he said, he lost control of the pickup at the rain-slicked Hollywood Boulevard exit, slamming into a tree.

And yes, rather than wait around in the rain, he caught a ride home, leaving the crunched truck on the roadside, -- gun, crutches and all.

He didn't want to wait in the rain? Riiight. Sounds like someone may have been out and about, and could have ingested some alcoholic beverages and then lost control of their vehicle and smashed it into a tree. Instead of waiting around for the police to arrive, they got a ride from a friend and went home to "sleep it off". Though, I may be totally off, and maybe Crowder enjoys leaving his property smashed up on the side of the highway. If that's the case, then he should definitely make sure to retrieve any firearms before he hauls ass.

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Anonymous said...

He Hits trees as hard as he hits HB