Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bowl-O-Rama: Final Update

Once again, an SEC defense proved to be too much for the Ohio State Buckeyes to handle. LSU applied good pressure all night, and outside of the long Chris Wells run there wasn't much going on for OSU. Boeckman was sacked five times, and harrassed into throwing two interceptions. One of which might have kept three points off of the board, and another that gave LSU the ball on OSU's side of the field. The pressure was very evident on third downs which resulted in the Buckeyes converting just 3 out of 13 chances.

Early on it looked like LSU would be in for a fight, but putting 31 unanswered points on the scoreboard has a way of turning things around. And it wasn't like LSU was getting setup with a short field for all of those scoring opportunities. They went 65, 84, 66, 24, and 80 yards to score those 31. Though, some were aided by Ohio State penalties.

In the end, LSU's defense made the plays when it had to, and forced Ohio State into committing mistakes that doomed them. The Tigers' offense played steady and smart, and didn't make the same type of costly errors that the Buckeyes did.

BCS Title Game
Prediction: LSU wins 31-21.
Actual Result: LSU won 38-24.

Level of Correctness: Picked the winner, and close on the score. A good way to close out the season.

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