Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Brandon's Wrestling Streak Has Been Suplexed

Brandon High's wrestling team had put together an amazing streak of wins over the past 34 years, but on January 5, 2008 it all came to an end.

In those three decades, Brandon High had amassed 459 consecutive victories and 468 matches without a defeat.

Brandon's streak for matches without a defeat began on November 29, 1973 when they defeated Chamberlain High 40-12. Their streak for consecutive victories began on January 28, 1974 when they defeated Robinson High 32-17. There is a 9 match differential because in between those two matches Brandon tied with Bradenton High 24-24 on January 26, 1974.

During "The Streak", Brandon produced 46 individual state champs, and they combined to win 66 individual titles. To put that in perspective, South Dade is second in the state with 38 individual titles in the entire history of their program. Brandon also put up numerous records for "most individual championships in one meet", garnering 6 three times and 5 once.

Brandon High put together an amazing streak of wins, but like all good things it eventually had to come to an end.

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