Monday, January 07, 2008

Bowl-O-Rama: Fourth Update

I wanted to check in on the picks that have occured between the Fiesta Bowl and tonight's BCS title game. That way I can focus a bit on a breakdown of the LSU vs. Ohio State tilt.

Orange Bowl
Prediction: Kansas wins 28-20.
Actual Result: Kansas won 24-21.

The story of the game wasn't the Kansas offense, but rather its defense. The Jayhawks sacked the Hokies five times, and picked them off three times returning one for a touchdown. Virginia Tech never got much going on offense, and that pick-six combined with Reesing's two touchdowns was just too much to overcome.

Level of Correctness: Not enough emphasis on the defense, but it will do.

International Bowl
Prediction: Rutgers wins 38-17.
Actual Result: Rutgers won 52-30.

Nate Davis did play well for Ball State, but Ray Rice was just too much for their defense to handle. He definitely had a "big day" as Rutgers put up almost 600yds of offense.

Level of Correctness: A little low on the points, but the margin of victory was just about right.

Prediction: Tulsa wins 42-31.
Actual Result: Tulsa won 63-7.

Paul Smith was way too much for Bowling Green to handle, and Tarrion Adams played pretty good as well. Tulsa showed why their offense was ranked #1, and the Falcons had no answer.

Level of Correctness: Wow, just wow. Right winner, but way off on margin of victory.

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