Sunday, January 20, 2008

ESPN College Gameday Flip-Floppers

Last night, prior to the Florida/Kentucky(Thanks for pointing that out bkassing) game, the ESPN College Basketball Gameday Crew discussed some of the results from earlier in the day. At one point, they got to the topic of what team had been the most impressive, and that's when things got a little wacky.

Hubert Davis stated that Maryland had impressed him the most, though his on-screen graphic said USC. At least he rolled with it, and gave his explanation as to why the Terps were so impressive.

Digger Phelps on the other hand, starts out by saying "I'm going with Southern Cal. I really thought that when you look at what Southern Cal did against UCLA..." Then he sees the on-screen graphic that says Villanova, and quickly changes his pick to the Wildcats. Finishing his praise of USC with "...oh no, I mean Villanova on the road at Syracuse".

Apparently, all that talk of politics finally got to Digger. With the ability to change his opinion in mid-sentence like that he'll be running for office in no time.

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