Monday, January 28, 2008

Dawn Hamlin Update

About two weeks ago, I posted about Dawn Hamlin's plan to run seven marathons, on seven different continents in seven weeks. At that time I wasn't aware of any way to track her progress. Well, thanks to the power of the Internet, I received an e-mail today with a link to a website. It's not functional just yet, but the e-mailer said that it should be up and running "in the next day". The address is:

It also motivated me to check out how Dawn has fared so far. As of now, I was only able to find her results for the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon.

pos/pos(ac)/#/name, forename/ac/club/finish gun/finish mat
119/(23)/177/Hamlin, Dawn (USA)/WMC//04:44:23/04:44:02

It looks like she's gotten off to a good start, and hopefully her site will keep us up to date with her progress.

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