Thursday, January 31, 2008

Super Bowl Wars: A New Hope(cont'd)

In our last installment of Super Bowl Wars, Obi-Wan Coughlin, Eli Manwalker, C3PK and R2G2 stopped at the spaceport to look for a pilot.

Eli: Do you really think we'll find a pilot here?

Obi-Wan: Well, some of the best pilots can be found here. So we'll just have to look around. Let's try that Gentleman's Club over there.

After a brief scuffle inside the club with some bouncers, Eli is introduced to Strahbacca.

Obi-Wan Coughlin: Eli, this is Strahbacca. He's first-mate on a ship that could transport us.

Strahbacca guides Obi-Wan Coughlin and Eli Manwalker over to meet the captain of the Meadowlands Eagle, Han Plaxico.

Han: So you need to get to Glendale huh? I can help you out with that.

Obi-Wan: Really? Will you be able to break through the Empire's defense, and help us attain victory?

Han: Of course! I predict that we'll be able to defeat them no problem.

Obi-Wan: That's pretty bold. The Empire is undefeated you know.

Han: Yeah, but everyone has to lose at some point. Besides, I've given them problems in the past.

Obi-Wan: Ok, we'll use you. Where should we meet?

Han: Runway #17. Don't be late.

Obi-Wan and Eli take off to gather up C3PK and R2G2. Han Plaxico and Strahbacca leave to prepare the ship. Soon they are off to Glendale, but before reaching their destination they encounter Foxborough Stormtroopers and have to do battle. Obi-Wan seperates from the group so that he can engage his former pupil, Darth Brady, in battle.

Darth Brady: I've been waiting for you Obi-Wan Coughlin. We meet again, at last. I will achieve victory because I am the master.

Obi-Wan Coughlin: Only a master of evil, Darth Brady.

Obi-Wan and Darth engage in battle. Darth Brady using his athletic skills and charm, while Obi-Wan Coughlin diagrams it up in his head and proceeds with a gruff confidence. They continue to battle until Obi-Wan Coughlin, sensing that he must give up his fight so that Eli Manwalker can thrive, allows Darth Brady to cut him down.

Eli Manwalker: No!

Manwalker and Han Plaxico fire at the Foxborough Stormtroopers that have advanced toward the Meadowlands Eagle. However, they quickly realize that it's futile and decide to take off.

After some time Eli Manwalker and his teammates realize that they have to destroy the Oline Star in order to take out Darth Brady. Eli battles his way through adversity, and drops a bomb with the help of Han Plaxico. Together, they've helped demoralize and destroy Darth Brady and his Oline Star. However, they both know that this war is far from over.

Coming tomorrow, Super Bowl Wars: The Evil Empire Strikes Back.

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