Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Look Out NBA Fans, J.J. Could Be Heading To Your Favorite Team!

Somewhere along the way, J.J. Reddick became a target of jokes and ridicule. However, for the past year and a half he's been stowed away on the Orlando Magic's bench, unable to flourish on the court and draw jeers from NBA fans across the country. But have no fear, that could soon change!

Magic General Manager Otis Smith said that J.J. Redick's agent, Arn Tellem, has suggested the club trade their top 2006 pick, who is frustrated over his lack of playing time for a second straight season.

"I told him what I tell everybody else," Smith said. "Why would I do that before I've really seen him? So he can do something somewhere else? I think J.J. can play.

"He has to have patience. It's the worst thing for young guys, having patience. I know. I was that guy (when Smith played in the NBA)."

Redick, who seldom played last season under Brian Hill, is facing the same scenario under Coach Stan Van Gundy. He has played in just 20 games, averaging only 8.3 minutes and 3.7 points.

Van Gundy said he's already had a sit-down with Redick. He told him there wasn't much hope for him getting off the bench the rest of this season.

He's not playing because the Magic need defense and rebounding at his shooting-guard spot. Van Gundy says that Maurice Evans and Keith Bogans are simply better at those tasks than one of the most prolific shooters in college basketball lore.

It doesn't sound like Reddick is going anywhere anytime soon, but basketball is a business so I doubt that the Magic would turn down a good offer if it came along. But who cares about that? Where should we want J.J. to go?

Of course it's gotta be the Knicks. Starbury's ankle "problems" are keeping him off of the court, and out of the spotlight that's focused firmly on New York's mediocrity. Even if he doesn't improve the team that much, Reddick could take some of the heat off of Isiah if just for a short time. And that sounds like a match made in heaven. Reddick leading on the court, and Thomas leading from the bench. If nothing else, it would provide bloggers with something to write about almost every day.

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