Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It's Like Crossing The UFC With "A Bug's Life"

Watching things fight has always seemed to captivate and entertain us humans. Whether it's animals or humans, we can never get enough of watching something get its ass kicked. But what about bugs? Yes, instead of burning them with a magnifying glass, what if we used them for something a bit more sporting? Say, like fighting each other. Well, in Japan they've already realized the potential, and are bringing it to the whole world.

Thanks to you can now witness for yourself how these bugs fight for survival in the wilderness. I haven't really figured out which ones are the baddest, though some of the scorpions appear to be a bit Chuck Liddelish. They seem like they should whoop ass all of the time, but sometimes falter. No doubt after a night of watching ladybugs and drinking sugar water.

If only Michael Vick had chosen to fight spiders and beatles instead of dogs. He never would have been punished like he was.

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