Monday, January 21, 2008

Tom Coughlin's Kicker Woes

Tom Coughlin's kicker almost cost his Giants a shot at the Super Bowl yesterday. However, it wasn't the first time that Coughlin's Giants have experienced some problems in that department.

Last year, they went into their matchup against the Chicago Bears with a 6-2 record, and as one of the best teams in the NFC up to that point. They were trailing the Bears by just four points when Coughlin decided to attempt a 52-yard field goal. That's when this happened...

The Giants ended up losing the game, and five of the next seven. They did make the playoffs, but were bounced in the first round by the Eagles.

Maybe that's why Coughlin's face was so red yesterday. He couldn't get the thought that his kicker was going to lose the game for him out of his head.


Burnsy said...

I remember this game vividly. And even though the Giants were up 13-10, that game was lost when Chicago converted 3-and-22 on a Jones draw near the end of the first half, then scored a TD 30 seconds later.

Granted, I didn't storm out of the sports book at Mandalay Bay until halfway through the Hester return, but I knew the Giants were cooked at halftime.

Also, that was Coughlin's fault. Feely had no business even trying that kick. Of course he said he could make it. He doesn't want to seem weak or afraid. But it was an awful, awful decision.

Alan said...

Don't forget Feeley's 3 misses at Seattle a few years ago. Until Tyne's game-winner, clutch kicking has not been a big part of the Giants recent history.

BDoc said...

Luckily for Tynes and Coughlin that overtime kick was good, and they were able to move on and focus on the Super Bowl. I have a feeling that had Tynes missed it, we would have heard a lot more about how the Giants kickers have struggled in recent years.

And you're right Burnsy, that score right before halftime hurt the Giants, as did the Manning fumble midway through the 3rd quarter.