Friday, January 04, 2008

It's Time To Mad Maximize The Dakar Rally

It truly is a sad day when people can no longer race through the desert for fear that they might be targeted by terrorists.

Al-Qaida threats against the Dakar Rally and an attack in Mauritania forced organizers to cancel the annual race on Friday, the eve of the 5,760-mile trek across North African desert scrubland and savannah.

It was the first time the automobile, motorbike and truck rally has been called off in its 30-year history. In a statement, organizers blamed "threats launched directly against the race by terrorist organizations." the Dec. 24 killings of a French family and international tensions.

While I wouldn't consider myself a huge follower of the Dakar event, I do watch some of the coverage every year when it's on. And I have to say that if anyone could battle those terrorists it would be the people crazy enough to drive over 5,000 miles through the desert.

They're like Evel Knievel in a huge sandbox, but with a bit more ingenuity to match the craziness. Perfect to defeat any evil-doers they encounter along the way. We should let them run the race, and outfit them with body armor and weapons. It would be a like an '08 version of Mad Max, and would accomplish two things. Provide great entertainment, and make the world a safer place.

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