Monday, January 28, 2008

Can Red Bull Please Take Over Olympic Skating?

Whenever someone makes ice skating look cool I think they've accomplished quite a feat. For the most part, it's something that draws comparisons to watching paint dry, and leaves people wishing for a horrendous wipeout. Unless they're viewing Red Bull's "Crashed Ice" event. In that case, they're probably hopped up on Red Bulls, yelling at the TV and letting out an "oooohhh" everytime someone smacks into an ice wall.

And exactly what does this event consist of?

Basically you outfit four competitors in hockey gear, then turn them loose on a luge-like course that includes a steep downhill start, a number of jumps and a series of bumps and turns. This year's event took place this past Friday and Saturday in Quebec City, and it was awesome as usual.

Maybe someday the Olympic committee will ask Red Bull for their input on some of the more boring events. It couldn't hurt.

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